Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a few questions you’d like to know the answers to before you join as a member? Maybe you are already a member but still have a few questions.

Please look at the list below; we hope you find your answer.

If you have a question that isn’t on the list, contact us, and we will respond as soon as possible.


Why do I need to register?

If you do not have a membership, you must register before obtaining one. This also applies if you had a membership previously but it has expired.

The registration process follows an approval process (which doesn’t take long) and helps keep the club a safe and friendly environment.

Registration is free if you are 75 or over.

What details do I need to register?

You must provide your first and last name, street address, email address, date of birth and proof of ID. You must also indicate two proposers who are existing club members.

What do you need as proof of ID?

Suitable types of ID are typically a driving licence or other forms of official ID that indicate all your details along with a photo.

How long does registration last?

Registration lasts for the lifetime of your membership. All the while you maintain your membership you are still registered. If, at any time, your membership expires, your registration will also expire.

Where can I find the registration/membership application form?
What happens if my registration is not approved?

If you apply for registration and are rejected, we will let you know as soon as possible, usually within seven days. We do not provide a reason for the decline.

What types of payment do you accept for registration and membership fees?

Our preferred method of payment is by card but you can also pay by cash or cheque.

General FAQs

Before I apply for registration and membership, I have more questions, who do I ask?

You can ask additional questions using our online form. Alternatively, you can call us during opening hours on 01273 380009. (We are open right now.)

What type of events do you have?
We have a vast range of events to please all members. You can view all our varied upcoming events by looking at our events calendar.
Where can I read your privacy statement and cookie policy?

Our privacy statement and cookie policy can be viewed directly on this website.

What is the maximum amount of people you can have in the clubhouse at any one time?

The clubhouse is limited to a maximum of 250 people at any one time. This means that on rare occasions, an event may be by ‘ticket only’.

Can I bring food into the club?

Food can be brought into the club subject to permission being given by the bar staff.

Can a friend of mine play for one of the snooker or darts teams?

Unfortunately no. We only allow club members to play for any of the club teams.

Can I bring my dog into the club?

Yes, you can bring a dog into the club but it must always be kept on a lead and be well behaved.

Who owns the club?

The membership as a whole own the club.


What types of memberships are available?

Full‘ membership is available for adults aged between 18 and 64, the ‘Senior‘ membership is for 65 and over.

Once you have joined with one of the above memberships, you can also sign up for an Associate Membership for free. This entitles you to bring in your spouse or partner at any time. Your associate member is also entitled to attend the club without you, and bring a guest, so it’s just like a free membership.

What’s the minimum age for membership?

The minimum age to register and apply for membership is 18.

What are the membship fees?

Membership (and registration) fees vary depending on the type of membership. See our full list.

Can I have more than one membership?
  • You can only have one of our memberships at any time, Full or Senior, and you must obtain the correct one for your age group.
  • If you have the Full or Senior membership, you can also have one free Associate membership (for your spouse or permanent partner).
  • If you are an associate member and you want to obtain full membership, you must relinquish your associate membership.
What is an ‘Associate’ membership?

The Associate membership is free to our Adult and Senior members. This allows a full member to specify the name of a permanent ‘guest’ they want to bring to the club.

Associate membership is reserved for your spouse, regular partner, son or daughter.

Each full member can only have one associate member.

How do I change the name of my associate member?

To change your associate member, you must contact the membership secretary to inform them of the change.

What is the maximum number of active memberships allowed at the club?

The maximum number of active memberships permitted is 1000. This includes all membership types: Full, Senior, Associate and Honorary.

What is the fee to bring in a guest?

The admittance fee to bring a guest in on a Saturday is £2.50 per person, all other days the fee is £1.50.

How many guests can I bring in?

A full member and an associate member can each bring in 1 guest on 3 different occasions, per month.

However, the Full and Associate members together can bring in up to 3 guests on the above occasions.

How long does membership last?

All our memberships last for one calendar year, with the exception of Honorary membership, which is a lifetime membership.

What are the benefits of membership and facilities of the club?

For full details of the benefits of membership and a list of club facilities, see our Benefits and Club Facilities page.

Can I bring in my children (under 18s)?

Yes, but they need to stay with you at all times. Please refer to the byelaws.

Can I bring in my children (18 and over)?

Yes, like any adult, they need to be signed in as a guest.

If my membership expires, can I renew it?

You can obtain membership again if your membership expires. However, if you do not renew by closing time on 30th June, you must re-register before obtaining membership. We recommend renewing your membership before the last day of the membership year.

Do you have a waiting list for membership?

On the occasion when the membership is full, we do keep a waiting list. You will be advised of this (if applicable), when you register.