Club Rules

  1. The name of the Club shall be: Southwick Sports and Social Club at 11 The Twitten, Southwick, Brighton BN42 4DB. Telephone – 01273 380009.
  2. The objectives of the Club shall be as follows:
    1. The furtherment of non-political, sporting, social and recreational activities.
    2. To provide and maintain clubrooms suitable for the use and entertainment of members.
    3. To provide for the convenience of members, refreshments including wines, beers and spirits.
  3. Membership
    1. Applications for membership should be made in writing to the membership secretary for an application form, which will include the requirement for a proposer and seconder from within the current membership.
    2. All properly completed application forms received by the membership secretary shall be presented to a meeting of the general committee for approval to be added to the waiting list, if any. Applicants may be rejected by a majority decision without stating any reason to any person.
    3. When a membership is terminated through bereavement the spouse/partner of the member may be invited by the general committee to apply for membership. The joining fee shall be waived and any unused portion of the deceased member’s annual subscription credited to his/her spouse/partner. Thereafter, normal annual subscriptions shall apply.
    4. At the absolute discretion of the general committee, approved applicants shall be invited to membership meetings, as required during the year.
    5. The general members shall decide the membership level and composition thereof.
    6. Membership is not valid prior to payment of the joining fee (waived for spouses/partners where membership is terminated through bereavement) and the first annual or pro-rata subscription.
    7. All approved applicants shall be posted in the Club at least seven days prior to any general committee membership meeting and members may submit written objections about any applicant to the membership secretary who shall bring the objection to the notice of the general committee membership meeting.
    8. The general committee may approve or reject any application for membership, where a member has lodged an objection, by a majority decision without stating any reason to any person. The joining fee and any subscriptions will be decided at the Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions are due without demand each 1st June and are payable on the club premises only at times advised or, by prior arrangement, by direct debit or standing order.
    9. The general committee will terminate the membership of all unpaid subscriptions at 1st July.
    10. A list of members shall be displayed on the Club premises. Members shall keep the membership secretary informed of their current address and, where possible, a contact email address.
    11. A member’s son/daughter is entitled to apply for priority membership. A member’s son/daughter must inform the membership secretary of their intention, in writing, to take up this option in the June prior to their eighteenth birthday, otherwise their right to priority membership shall be lost.
  4. Associate Membership (members’ partners)
    1. The partner of an ordinary full member may, if the ordinary member so requests, be admitted as an associate member of the Club and have his/her name included on said ordinary member’s membership card. In the absence of a partner the member may nominate a son or daughter.
    2. Candidates for associate membership under this rule must be aged 18 years or over and may be elected by the club in general meeting or by the general committee at its sole discretion.
    3. No associate member elected under Rule 4 may become an ordinary member of the Club without first relinquishing their associate membership. Associate members shall not be qualified to be officers or members of committee, nor to attend, or have any vote in respect of, any committee or general meeting.
    4. No associate members elected under Rule 4 are allowed to place proposals before general committee or general meeting which seek to alter byelaws or rules of the Club, or be entitled to any share of the property of the Club on its dissolution.
    5. Associate members shall not be subject to any limit on the number of visits to the Club nor to any general fee for admittance that may be charged to guests and they may introduce one guest under usual guest rules. No associate or ordinary member between them may have more than three guests in the Club at any one time. Associate members elected under Rule 4 may be admitted to the Club premises and subject to any conditions attached to the registration certificate for said premises. Intoxicating liquor may be sold or supplied to them, by or on behalf of the Club, for consumption on the Club premises.
    6. Associate members shall also be bound by the Club’s existing rules and byelaws not inconsistent with the provision of Rule 4, described above. The ordinary member shall renew associate membership annually.
  5. Honorary members
    1. Honorary members, who shall not be liable to pay any annual subscriptions, shall be entitled to all privileges of membership that may be elected by the Club in general meeting.
    2. Honorary members shall be members of the Club for their respective lives unless, as a result of action taken against them under Rule 21, their membership is terminated.
    3. There shall be no limit on the number of honorary members.
    4. Proposals for honorary membership must be made in writing to the general committee in sufficient time to allow the proposal to be posted on the notice board fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting and included on the agenda for that meeting.
  6. Committee and Officers
    1. The affairs of the Club in all matters not in these rules reserved for the Club in general meeting shall be managed by the general committee of the Club.
    2. The general committee of the club shall consist of the officers of the Club and a maximum of seven ordinary members of the Club, elected at each Annual General Meeting.
    3. In the event of any resignations, notices will be posted in the Club inviting new applicants to be proposed and seconded for the remainder of the committee year.
    4. The general committee at their next meeting may elect new members by majority vote as if voted at an Annual General Meeting, given that the chairperson shall endeavour to maintain a majority of ordinary general committee members.
    5. Any member nominated for a position of officer of the Club must have been an ordinary member for two years.
  7. The general committee
    1. The general committee may appoint one or more sub-committees for such purposes as it may deem appropriate.
    2. A majority of members elected to serve on the general committee shall constitute a quorum of the general committee and two shall be a quorum for a sub-committee except in the case of the staffing committee where the quorum shall be five.
  8. Officers of the club
    1. The officers of the Club shall be a president, chairperson, club secretary, treasurer, membership secretary and social secretary who shall be elected from time to time by the ordinary members in general meeting.
    2. The club secretary, treasurer and every such officer shall act in all matters in accordance with the directions of general committee of the Club.
    3. The Club secretary may, on behalf of the Club engage domestic staff and other club servants as may be necessary for the efficient and economical running of the Club and may lawfully terminate any such engagement. The employment contracts of all such personnel engaged by the Club secretary shall remain confidential between the persons so engaged and the staffing sub-committee which shall comprise of the club secretary, the treasurer, the chairperson, the president and one other member of the general committee, save that the total wages bill of all such engaged staff shall be submitted along with the Club’s accounts under Rule 11.
  9. Gifts may only be given to retiring officers of the Club with the permission of the members at an Annual General Meeting.
  10. Trustees
    1. The custodian trustee of the Club shall be HGP Trustees Limited and the real property and investments of the Club, (other than cash which shall be under the control of the treasurer) shall be vested in the trustees.
    2. The trustees shall deal with the property and investments of the Club as directed by resolution of the committee (of which entry in the minute book shall be conclusive evidence) and a certified copy thereof signed by the chairperson and the club secretary shall be supplied to the custodian trustee.
    3. The custodian trustee shall be indemnified against risk and expense against club property.
    4. If by reason of resignation by the custodian trustee or otherwise it shall appear necessary to the committee that new custodian trustees or a custodian trustee be appointed, the committee shall by resolution nominate not less than two persons or alternatively a corporate body to be appointed new custodian trustee or trustees.
  11. Finance and Accounts
    1. The treasurer shall keep, or arrange to have kept, such proper books of account as will enable them to present at every Annual General Meeting of the members or at any time if required (on reasonable notice to them) by the general committee, an accurate report and statement concerning the finances of the Club, including a separate statement with regard to the purchase and supply of tobacco and intoxicating liquor, for the current year as the case may be, and shall present such report and statement accordingly.
    2. All Club accounts shall be prepared by an independent qualified accountant at least once a year prior to the Annual General Meeting. At any time, subject to the general committee, all club documentation, minutes, accounts etc shall be available (on reasonable notice) for ordinary members to view.
  12. Intoxicating Liquor
    1. The supply of intoxicating liquor in the Club premises shall be permitted during the hours which comply with the local licensing authority. No intoxicating liquor shall be supplied to members or any other persons on the Club premises 4 / 6 otherwise than by or on behalf of the Club.
    2. Persons less than eighteen years of age are not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol within the premises.
  13. The Club shall hold the registration certificate and, in conjunction with the wine sub-committee constituted as in Rule 7, arrange the supply of intoxicating liquor by the Club to members and other persons on the club premises and shall secure the due observance of the provisions of the Licensing Acts 2003 and all Acts relating thereto and of any conditions attached to any licence held by or on behalf of the Club for the supply of intoxicating liquor, or to any registration granted in respect of the club premises.
  14. No person shall be paid at the expense of the Club any commission, percentage or similar payment on or with reference to purchases of intoxicating liquor by the Club, nor shall any person directly or indirectly derive any pecuniary benefit from the supply of intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the Club to members or guests apart from any benefit accruing to the Club as a whole.
  15. General meetings
    1. An Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held within fourteen months of the previous AGM in each year.
    2. The club secretary shall display a notice prominently in the Club and send copies of such notice convening such meeting, together with the most recent accounts, by post or email to every member at least fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting.
    3. Any accidental omission to send such notice or the non-receipt of same shall not invalidate any proceedings or resolutions.
    4. Members may send written notice of matters they wish to have discussed to the club secretary to be received and displayed in the Club no later than seven days prior to the meeting or may raise the matter under “Any Other Business” at the chairperson’s discretion.
    5. A general meeting of the Club may be summoned at any time by the general committee and shall be so summoned immediately upon any twenty of the ordinary members delivering to the general committee a written request, stating their reason(s), for such a meeting. The club secretary will send out notices as in Rule 15. The period of fourteen days may be abridged at the discretion of the general committee, if the urgency of the business to be discussed in their opinion so requires.
    6. At any general meeting of the Club every member of the Club shall be entitled to be present and every ordinary member so present shall be entitled to one vote upon every proposal raised. A quorum at a general meeting shall be not less than ten percent of the membership. In the case of equality of voting the chairperson of the meeting (who shall be a member elected for the occasion by the meeting before the commencement of the meeting) shall have a second or casting vote. The club secretary shall take the minutes of the proceedings at all general meetings of the Club.
  16. Visitors
    1. Members and associate members may introduce and entertain guests at the Club and there shall be kept at the Club premises a visitors book which both the member or associate member and their guest shall sign.
    2. An ordinary or associate member introducing a guest shall be responsible for their guest strictly observing these rules and the club byelaws and shall not leave the club premises before their guest, nor shall any ordinary or associate member entertain on the premises more than three guests between them at any one time.
    3. No one person may be introduced into the Club as a guest more than three times in a calendar month.
    4. A member may invite his/her spouse or partner as a guest and they will not be subject to any limit on the number of visits nor to any fee that may be charged for guests.
    5. No person whose membership has been suspended or whose application has been rejected may be introduced as a guest.
    6. Players, officials and guests of visiting clubs and associations may be admitted to the club premises as guests of the Club and purchase intoxicating liquor if aged over eighteen always respecting and abiding by the rules and byelaws of the Club.
  17. Byelaws
    1. The general committee may from time to time make and vary and revoke byelaws (not inconsistent with these rules) for the regulation of the internal affairs of the Club and the conduct of the members and the byelaws for the time being in force shall be binding on all members.
    2. A list of the byelaws shall be posted in a prominent position with the Club.
  18. Conduct of Members
    1. No betting shall be allowed in the Club.
    2. No lottery shall be promoted by any member or officer on behalf of or in any way connected with the Club or with entertainment or event held by or in connection with the Club without the previous written authority of the general committee.
    3. Gaming shall be permitted in the Club which does not contravene any of the provisions of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act 1963 or any statutory modification thereof for the time being in force.
    4. The general committee may suspend the membership of any member whose conduct or conduct of his/her guest(s)/children, whether on club premises or elsewhere, is or has been in the opinion of the committee contrary to the interest of the Club or injurious to its reputation. Immediately upon the suspension of any member the general committee shall:
      1. Cause a special general committee meeting to be called for a day not later than the twenty first day following the suspension.
      2. Give notice to the suspended member at his/her address as last notified to the secretary of his/her suspension and inform him/her that if they so desire they may be present at said meeting.
      3. At any such meeting any allegation against the suspended member shall be related (in their presence if they attend the meeting) by a member of the general committee and the suspended member shall, if they desire, be heard in answer.
      4. A reasonable adjournment to enable them to prepare their answer shall be allowed at the discretion of the meeting. The decision of the said meeting or any adjourned meeting whether to reinstate the suspended member, to temporarily suspend them, to issue a verbal first warning or a second written and final warning or to terminate their membership shall be taken by vote and shall be final and conclusive.
      5. Members who have had their membership suspended may not enter the club at any time during their suspension nor may any member whose membership has been terminated be eligible to enter the club.
  19. Alteration of Rules: These rules may be revoked, added to or altered by a majority vote comprising two thirds or more of the members present and entitled to vote at any general meeting of the Club of which notice has been duly given, specifying the intention to propose the revocation, addition or alteration of any rule together with full particulars thereof.
  20. Exclusion of Liability: Neither the Club nor any officer thereof shall be liable to any member or guest of a member for any loss of or damage to any property occurring, from whatever cause, in or about the club premises, nor any injury sustained by any member or guest whilst on or entering or leaving the club premises and notice to this effect shall at all times be displayed in a prominent position on the club premises.
  21. Dissolutions: If the number of ordinary members of the Club shall at any time fall below ten or if at any time the Club shall pass at general meeting by a majority comprising two thirds or more of the members present and entitled to vote, a resolution (in this rule called “the first resolution”) of its intention to dissolve the general committee, or failing them the custodian trustees shall take immediate steps to convert into money all the property of the Club, with power, however, to postpone or delay the conversion of any particular property if the Club in general meeting shall so authorise. Out of the proceeds of such conversion, the custodian trustees shall discharge all debts and liabilities of the Club, including the expenses of such conversion and any balance remaining in their hands shall be disposed of by the custodian trustees as the Club in general meeting shall resolve and thereupon the Club for all purposes be dissolved provided that if the Club shall not, within six months the date of “the first resolution” resolve upon the disposition of any such balance the same shall be divided equally between all persons who were ordinary members of the Club at the date of “the first resolution”. The club secretary will prominently display within the Club any such notice convening a meeting under this rule and post out copies of the same in accordance with the provisions specified in Rule 15.
  22. Affiliated Clubs: The general committee may negotiate affiliated membership with suitable clubs for the use of the Club premises at times agreed for an annual subscription and only the members of such clubs may use the facilities so negotiated and will be treated as members.

10th March 2015

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