Club Byelaws

  1. Snooker
    1. Members booking tables should enter their names on the blackboard under the table number and inform any current players on that table that it has been booked. If the current players are members, they are allowed to complete the frame in progress and play one additional full frame before finishing. If the current game being played is billiards then the light period remaining on the meter at that time can be played until the meter runs out plus a further 30 minutes (or nearest time depending upon coinage/time in meter) before vacating the table.
    2. Members playing with a guest or associate members on table 3 are only entitled to play one frame of snooker or 30 minutes of billiards and must vacate the table at the conclusion of the frame or time if the table is booked for play by a member. They may, however, play on table 1 or 2 with the prior permission of a committee member or the steward.
    3. There shall be a limit of four players per table. A full member may sign in a guest to the club to play snooker/billiards in the day time closed hours but the key to the snooker room must be signed out and the guest’s name entered into the guest book.
    4. Captains must ensure that the selected match tables are brushed and cleaned half an hour before any match is due to commence.
    5. The club will not pay for, nor send off; individual snooker registrations after teams have been registered. Children under the age of 14, unless registered junior snooker players, can only play on table 3.
  2. Children: Members are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times and may be disciplined in accordance with Rule 21 in the event of any breach of the club rules or byelaws.
    1. All children under the age of 14:
    2. Must be with their parent or guardian (aged over 18) at all times while in the club.
    3. Must be kept clear of the bar area at all times.
    4. Will not be served at the bar.
    5. Shall not play darts at anytime.
    6. Shall not be present in the garden without a member or associate member supervising.
  3. The Committee
    1. The committee shall have the power to invite additional members in two main circumstances, namely to fill vacancies and to add a specific expertise to an existing Committee.
    2. The Chairman or Club Secretary may propose a full member to be co-opted to the Committee at a Full Committee Meeting, and a majority vote shall decide the matter.
  4. General
    1. The playing of ball games on the club’s grounds is not permitted.
    2. In the interest of safety and comfort, no more than 250 people (plus staff and entertainers) shall be allowed on the premises at any time.
    3. A person shall be engaged, as required, to ensure that only bona fide guests who are correctly signed in by a member or associate member, as appropriate, and have paid any applicable guest fee or charge are permitted to enter the club.
    4. Only bar staff and committee members shall remove glasses with unfinished drinks therein.
    5. Stripagrams, etc., or other types of personal/private entertainment are strictly banned from the club without the prior written permission of the general committee.
    6. Any charitable event held in the club’s name must have prior written permission from the general committee and be officially held in the club’s name.
    7. The gaming machines may only be used when the club is open to the members.
    8. Members in work clothes or overalls may not sit in club booths.
    9. Members may bring food into the club with the permission of the bar staff.
    10. Members specifically resigning their membership in writing due to moving out of the area shall receive priority if there is a waiting list should they return to the area and reapply for membership.
    11. Members and guests must consume all drinks and vacate the club premises as quietly as possible within twenty minutes of the bar being closed.
    12. Complaints about any incident or matter will not be considered unless they have been put in writing to the general committee.
    13. There shall be no drinking on the dance floor.
    14. A barbecue may only be held after the general committee has agreed and an agreed person is identified to oversee. That person shall be in full control of the barbecue area and must have read and understood the appropriate method statement.
    15. Staff or members employed by the club cannot play any gaming machines.

April 2023

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